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Beautiful Silver and rose gold pendant necklace, with 16.5+1.5" sterling silver chain.


This gorgeous pendant is our own original design, plated with 925 sterling silver on the heart and rose gold on the rose. Stunning in appearance with a polished serface and embleished with cubic zirconia stones. Pendant measures 2.2 cm in height and 2 cm. in width. Pendant alone weighs 3.3 g. Sterling silver chain weighs 2.1 g. for a total weight of 5.4 grams. You won't be disappointed with this -- guaranteed. 

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Stately Rhodium Celtic knot pendant, with 18+2.5" chain.


This high quality Celtic knot is a favorite. The pendant is plated all around with high quality rhodium platinum. Pendant measure 2.0 cm height and width. Pendant weighs 2.5 g. Chain weighs 2.1 g for a total weight of 4.6 g.